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TSL oil

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TSL oil


Add Tri Star Lube (TSL) during an oil change to the new oil (50 cc per litre first time, 30 cc per litre on replacement) in your (classic) engine.

TSL can be used for manual transmissions and axles, transfer boxes etc. Do not use it in automatic gearboxes and axles/transfer boxes with limited slip and similar set ups.

Test results

For a demonstration see the following video

TSL has been used in Dakar vehicles, Formula 1 engines and other applications where circumstances are sometimes less than perfect and reliable lubrication is crucial.
TSL can be used for every application where the current lubrication is absent or not sufficient: Kitchen appliances, bikes, lawn mowers, creaking hinges etc. etc.
TSL is available as a fluid: 250 cc bottle, 500 cc bottle, 1 ltr cans and larger, as a pen (for small dosages/domestic appliances) and as grease as well.

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